Talking Points

Joshi Radin and Greg Ruffing, Installation shot of  What Does Accountability Look Like? , 2016

Joshi Radin and Greg Ruffing, Installation shot of What Does Accountability Look Like?, 2016

Talking Points, SITE Galleries at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, October 13th – November 2nd, 2016

Artists: Cassandra Davis, Rami George, Shavana Green, Jae Hwan Lim, Luis Mejico, Joshi Radin, Greg Ruffing, Pia Singh, Felipe Steinberg, Marcela Torres, Liz Vitlin

Using the urgency of the current US presidential election as an impetus, Talking Points attempts to provide a constellation of our political reality with attention to the complexities of what is at stake for various populations rather than a singular America. Artists were selected through an open call to the SAIC community with the aim being to provide a platform to begin a conversation on issues of concern surrounding this election cycle. A conclusion and/or resolution to these issues is not intended or necessary. Rather, the intent of the exhibition is to challenge the audience to consider the implications that each work presents. Talking Points lacks a formally didactic and cohesive structure in favor of mimicking our current messy political reality. Lines are not drawn between artworks, allowing them to bleed and flow into one another opening up the often obscured connections between the issues dissected. Embracing a mode of instability and flux, Talking Points presents a forum for emergent political narratives to converge, compete, mingle, and fuse in order to push the conversation circling our current political situation to a deeper point.

Irena Frumkin, “‘Talking Points’ is Personal, Political, and Thankfully Unpredictable,” F News Magazine October 20, 2016.

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