1,422 Miles at a Distance

Marcela Torres,  Inverse AR , 2016

Marcela Torres, Inverse AR, 2016

1,422 Miles at a Distance, performance program presented by SAIC and Threewalls, Friday April 8th, 2016, 7PM

Artists: Marcela Torres, Mev Luna, and Emilio Rojas

Curated by Jameson Paige

Using Borderland Collective’s Northern Triangle exhibition as a platform to complicate issues related to borders and migration, 1,422 Miles at a Distance explores how the body becomes a site where sociopolitical conflict is imposed. The artists in this program present performances that process how trauma and violence can be embodied or known beyond dialogic exchange. 1,422 miles is the walking distance from Rational Park Gallery in Chicago to Brownsville-Matamoros at the U.S.-Mexico border. This bi-national metropolitan area is colloquially known as ‘Borderplex’ and in recent years has become plagued with violence erupting from rivaling drug gangs and their interface with Mexican soldiers, putting a strain on local daily life. While all the Chicago-based artists included in this program use their work at some level to contend with their Mexican identity, either as Mexican-born or Mexican American, they respectfully acknowledge their privileged distance, both physically and experientially, from the border crossing narrative. The pieces included in 1,422 Miles at a Distance by Marcela Torres, Mev Luna, and Emilio Rojas embrace this distance, and engage with how the body interprets and grapples with the remnants and current realities of imperialism, colonialism, and migration between the U.S. and Central America.

From left to right: Mev Luna and Emilio Rojas collaboration, Homage to Gloria Anzaldúa, 2016; Marcela Torres, Inverse AR, 2016; Emilio Rojas, Open Wounds (A Gloria), 2016